why domus ista?

Right above the entrance you can read the latin inscription:



This house was restored at the expense

of the community in 1731.  

Historical drawing

This is an historical drawing of the square “Piazzetta al Castello” from the manuscript of the Reverend Anton Maria Rolando 1728-1749.  Walk outside to note the substantial correspondence with the current situation. The n.3 is the actual entrance of the house. 

View of the rectory houses:  1. San Cosimo’s Chapel  2. Entrance to the rectory house  3-4. Rooms of the municipal house.  5-6. Porch  8. Square. 

Archivio Fotografico Istituto Internazionale di sudi liguri Bordighera n.7175, coll V A 2.

municipal house

Before being renovated the living room has been the meeting room of the municipal house as well as the classroom for the local school.  Oral testimonies recall how the Communist political party used this room for their meetings in the last century. This could explain the reason of the red paint in the background wall.

Chapel and the fresco

The ground floor was divided into two rooms: the chapel and the old prison. Today the subdivision has remained almost the same, a new window has been opened to let in more light. The architect’s idea was to preserve the current status of this environment as much as possible in order to experience an atmosphere of the past.

local prison

The current bathroom was the jail cell where the victim was placed. A ring attached to the wall and the rather thick grid in the window are the two elements that help us identify this space as such.